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If you own a garage door, you’ve probably already heard how dangerous garage door spring replacement can be. Over 30,000 people a year are rushed to the emergency ward each year in this country with garage door repair injuries. Almost all of them are do-it-yourself buffs who should know better.

Bothell Same Day Garage Door Spring RepairAt Bothell Garage Door Springs, we do the dirty work for you. After all, there are probably plenty of things still to do on your to-do list, so why start with the most dangerous chore? When you call Bothell Garage Door Springs, we spring into action immediately. That’s not just a bad pun, it’s our service guarantee: we usually show up within the hour, and we can repair any garage door spring problem in a jiffy.

Springs, Springs and More Springs!

We specialize in springs and we’ve got garage door springs of every description: fat ones, skinny ones, long ones, tall ones, short ones, and everything in between. In other words, we have the EXACT tension or torsion spring you need. While other companies force-fit the springs they have in stock, Bothell Garage Door Springs has every possible spring in stock, so we never have to substitute or jerry-rig a spring like some other garage door companies (no names mentioned!)

Since the pros who work for Bothell Garage Door Springs are experts in the field, they can give you the inside track on your best options, including extended-life springs and safety harnesses. No one knows more about garage door springs than Bothell Garage Door Springs, and no one can fix or repair them faster.

We’re Closer Than You Think

Bothell Garage Door Springs is right down the street, just around the corner, a stone’s throw from your place. All our technicians live, work and play in Bothell, so we know the city like the back of our hand. We probably installed your neighbors’ garage door springs, too.

A broken garage door spring is no picnic, but it happens to the best of us. The average garage door spring is engineered to last at least 10,000 open-and-close cycles. That sounds like a lot, but actually represents about three years of family use. On the other hand, if you rarely use your garage door, a new spring will last until the year 2187.

Yes, there are a lot of garage door repair services in the area, but none that know more about springs, and none that stock as many different styles and sizes of spring as Bothell Garage Door Springs.

Many Happy Returns

Bothell Garage Door Springs is committed to excellence in customer service, so we vow to return to your house and re-adjust or re-do your springs if anything goes wrong – at no cost to you. At Bothell Garage Door Springs, we stand behind all our work. Call us today for a same-day appointment and quick repairs.

Bothell Garage Door Springs

Bothell Garage Door Springs Satisfaction Guarantee

Bothell Garage Door Springs is a brand you can stand with, as we stand with all of our garage door springs with our guarantee.

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