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If you live in Bothell, you enjoy many of the great services this city offers, including 24-hour garage door repair. You may not think a quaint city like Bothell needs an around-the-clock garage door company, but Bothell Garage Door Repair knows differently.

Bothell Same Day Garage Door RepairBothell Garage Door Repair, has been open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for garage door repairs since we first opened shop over two decades ago. The fact is, even a well-maintained garage door or opener can fail, and usually at the most inconvenient time. That’s why we have a NEVER CLOSE policy.

Over the years, Bothell Garage Door Repair has seen it all, from remote controls that go haywire to garage doors that keep jumping the tracks – and every repair in between. If you choose Bothell Garage Door Repair for all your maintenance and repair issues, your garage door and opener will work better and last longer, because we keep detailed records of our customers’ service calls. Repairing the garage door as the problems first arise will save you a lot of time and money over the years.

When your garage door jams up at 2 o’clock in the morning when you arrive home, you’ll be glad we’re open 24 hours. Bothell Garage Door Repair usually gets there within the hour and can fix your door in record time. If Bothell Garage Door Repair can’t repair the problem…no one can.

There are four main problems with garage doors: cranky remote; door off tracks; broken spring; loud noise – and Bothell Garage Door Repair is very familiar with all of them. Our technicians arrive at your house fully equipped with the latest tools and the latest know-how to repair any problem.

Your garage door opener is the smartest appliance in your home, In addition to the lights it displays showing you it’s operating properly, your opener also speaks to you. Bothell Garage Door Repair speaks the same language as your garage door system. Listen closely to your garage door and it will tell you what’s wrong. If the door huffs and puffs to the rhythm of “I think I can, I think I can,” you probably have a broken extension spring without knowing it.

Bothell Garage Door RepairLoud sounds emanating from your garage are never a good sign, especially upon your return from seeing the latest re-make of the horror film “Carrie,” but the screech of metal scraping against metal is the kiss of death for garage doors. Be sure to call Bothell Garage Door Repair as soon as your hear anything loud or unusual when your garage door opens and closes and we will come out and repair it.

Unlike people, garage doors do not get noisier as they age. If you perform regular inspections, maintenance and lubrication, your garage door should swoosh up and down just as silently and effortlessly after 20 years as it did on the day it was installed – even more so if you replace metal rollers with nylon ones, and if you wisely replace BOTH springs when one pops.

Above all, entrust your major garage door repair jobs to experts like Bothell Garage Door Repair, who understand how temperamental and complicated automatic garage doors can be, and how simple it is to repair them, given the right attitude and a competent technician. Our attitude is: we don’t have an attitude. Our motto is: “Any garage door, anywhere, anytime.”

Bothell Garage Door Repair does only one thing, and one thing only, and they do it better than most others. We are garage door repair experts. Call today for an appointment today.

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