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If your garage door opener is a mystery to you…welcome to the club. No one fully understands the many mysterious moods of the automatic garage door opener, not even the pros at Bothell Garage Door Openers – and they’re the best in the garage door opener business!

Bothell Garage Door OpenerGarage door openers are the smartest appliances in your home, the closest thing to artificial intelligence you own. Your garage door opener unit atop your garage is the “director” of the operation, leaving the heavy lifting to the springs and pulleys. Since 1993, all garage door openers manufactured or installed in the U.S. have been super smart mechanisms with advanced safety features to prevent the door from injuring bystanders.

We Are Pioneers Of Automatic Garage Door Openers

In effect, the modern automatic garage door opener system is a sophisticated piece of technology, as precise as a fine Swiss watch movement and as powerful as a locomotive. Bothell Garage Door Openers has been around for decades, and we were the first company in Washington State to offer rolling codes for added security.

When you call Bothell Garage Door Openers, you get our 20+ years of experience, our commitment to great service, and our 24-hour availability. Bothell Garage Door Openers never closes. We are always open and ready to assist with your garage door opener.

A garage door opener can be tricky. A seemingly minor problem, like a slightly misaligned sensor or bracket can shut the whole system down.

Bothell Same Day Garage Door Opener RepairIt’s all for your own good – the auto-reverse safety features and the automatic shut-off when door goes awry – but it can be darn frustrating. That’s exactly why you need to call Bothell Garage Door Openers: we speak the same language as your garage door opener.

Our seasoned repairmen are fluent in Genie, Clopay and Liftmaster, and they understand your opener perfectly. We are also experts in the field of remote controls and infrared technology. If we can’t get your garage door opener to work, no one can! Our technicians are magicians when it comes to garage door openers, and they can program ANY remote to ANY receiver.

Call Bothell Garage Door Openers anytime for a quick quote or a same-day appointment, usually within the hour. We’ll answer the phone on the first ring, and rush over right away, because we know a broken garage door opener is more than an inconvenience. It’s a breach of your security and it may hold your car hostage in the garage.

We stay open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for that reason, just in case our valued customers need after-hours service or repairs. Bothell Garage Door Openers is a local company with a stellar reputation and around-the-clock service – what more could you want from a repair service?

For the quickest response time and the best rates for your garage door opener service, Bothell Garage Door Openers is the clear choice for homeowners and landlords alike.

Call today for an immediate appointment, because we’re just around the corner from you.

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Bothell Garage Door Openers is a brand you can stand with, as we stand with all of our garage door openers with our guarantee.

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