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Bothell Garage Door FAQ

  • How quickly can you come out to fix my garage door? Our response times vary wildly depending on call volume. 99% of the time we can guarantee that we will be able to make it to your home within the day; and as long as call volume is moderate to light, we can usually make it to your home within 1 hour.
  • What happens if I need your help with my garage door in the middle of the night? We offer 24 / 7 emergency garage door service because we understand that life can be terribly inconvenient at points-- There's no point only being open during the day when you may need us at night.
  • What if my garage door repair costs more than $29? The $29 you pay will be applied toward the cost of the repair, as it makes sense to do that! (We're in the business of keeping our customers happy!)
  • How do I know you're qualified to fix my garage door? All of our technicians are expertly trained in all aspects of garage door repair; they all have plenty of experience with all aspects of garage door repair; and they all keep up on the latest news in garage doors.
  • Is it safe for me to fix my own garage door? We don't recommend homeowners attempt to try and fix their own garage doors-- There are a lot of moving parts, most of which are dangerous, and a lot can go wrong while you're attempting to fix your garage door. We recommend you leave it to a qualified professional.
  • What if I'm just outside of Bothell but I have your number? Will you still come out to fix my garage door? Of course we will! We're not limited to Bothell, that's just where we're located. If you happen to be really far away, we may refer you to someone we know in your city, but whenever possible, we'll help you!

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Bothell Garage Doors is a brand you can stand with, as we stand with all of our garage door repairs with our guarantee.

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